Chaque pièce est unique et il n'existe aucune reproduction.
Melsa Montagne

Démarche / Artistic APPROACH

Melsa Montagne is interested in true expression and emotions genuinely lived.  She works to translate the authenticity of emotions beyond preconceived images. Her unique pictorial language is tinged with empathy and delicacy for her subjects. The choice of a monochrome palette reinforces and targets this emphasis on the subject. The vocabulary she develops, composed of subtle glances and facial expressions, communicates both the uniqueness and universality of the human soul.

The practice of Chinese painting is a big influence on Melsa's approach. The artist has arrived at a level of ease and spontaneity of the gesture which now leads her towards abstract expression as the premise of her works. Proceeding by pareidolia, she lets the expression of a face emerge from nothingness. This technique also leads her to live with her mistakes and pushes her exploration beyond proven recipes. Thus, it avoids repetition and dares renewal. The singular universe of Melsa Montagne, populated by beings unique and disturbing in spite of their humanity and their delicate demeanor, insists against superficiality and the ''too perfect'' image.